I welcome and thank you for visiting the website of Louisiana Health and Rehab (LHR), “where new lives and growth begin.”  LHR is comprised of:

1) LA Health and Rehab Center, Inc. (LHRC), a 501(C) 3 CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) accredited substance use disorder, mental health, homelessness, and HIV/AIDS provider.

2) LA Health and Rehab Options, Inc. (LHRO) provides home and community-based waiver services to developmentally, intellectually, and physically impaired children and adults; and the elderly.

For twenty years we at LHR have pursued our destiny of being a safe, nurturing place where new lives begin through fulfilling our purpose of facilitating successful, long-term outcomes.  We know that the decision to seek behavioral health treatment or direct care for the developmentally, intellectually, and physically impaired and/or elderly family member is monumentally important.  However, we also know that the choice of a service provider is equally important if not more so.  I hope that after reviewing this site you will choose LHR for you or your loved one, and if you are a health care provider, choose to entrust us with those entrusted to you.  I believe that the treatment, care, and nurture of individuals are sacred trusts!

My personal passion for the alleviation of human suffering found professional expression thirty-five years ago when I began providing an array of social services to underserved populations through agencies I co-founded with which I am still affiliated.  I founded Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based LHRO twenty years ago and LHRC six years later.  Since inception we have provided quality, comprehensive, integrative services across the State of Louisiana, to individuals across the lifespan from birth to the elderly, the developmentally and physically disabled, and those suffering the ravages and often stigma of substance use disorder, physical and mental illness, homelessness, and HIV/AIDS.  We presently operate the following programs:

LHRC Reality House which is a residential treatment program for pregnant women, and women and their dependent children aged 0-12.  Reality House was awarded the Department of Health and Hospital/Office of Behavioral Health’s (DHH/OBH) 2013-2014 Outstanding Program of the Year in the State of Louisiana.

LHRC Pocahontas House which is a residential treatment and half way house for men and women who are homeless or functionally homeless and have also been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS or other physical conditions and have a substance use disorder.

LHRC Life Care Center is the outpatient treatment center for Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient substance abuse treatment for Adults and Children.

LHRC Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Screenings and Modifications to Treatment (SMT) which is an initiative of the FASD Center for Excellence within Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), through which LHRC was one of ten providers selected nationally to implement SMT for adult populations as a pilot program.

LHRO New Opportunities Waiver (NOW), (CCW), (LT-PCS) and (CC) which is a combination of home and community-based services for the developmentally, intellectually, and physically  impaired of all ages through the New Opportunities Waiver (NOW), Community Choice Waiver (CCW), and Long Term Personal Care Services (LT-PCS)  and Children’s Choice (CC) programs.

Because of our innovative initiatives and approaches, and the passionate commitment and quality of our services, we hope that following your review of this site, LHR will be your provider of choice when you or a loved one is in need of comprehensive substance use disorder, mental health services, and home and community-based waiver services. 

Soundra Temple-Johnson

Founder/CEO/Executive Director




M. Mokiso Merrill, MD

Bartholomew (Butch) Johnson

Paula Clayton

Robyn Merrick


Elliot Temple

Reverend Daniel Smith

Miles Portier


To continually meet the overwhelming social, emotional, and health needs of communities across the state of Louisiana by providing quality residential and home and community-based services.


To develop and successfully implement comprehensive quality residential and home and community-based services to assist those with substance abuse and mental illness in becoming productive, self-sufficient, contributing members of our society; and to maximize independence and quality of life for the elderly and the emotionally, intellectually and physically disabled.


We wholeheartedly believe that every person has worth and potential and has the ability to achieve a higher level of function and reach their God-given potential.